Welcome Video Transcript

Hi, thanks for stopping by.  Thinking about a big update to your wardrobe can be pretty exciting, on the other hand inviting a total stranger into your closet to critique your style choices … well frankly, that can make most women feel more than a little bit uncomfortable. So let's take a minute to get acquainted so you can better determine whether we'd be a good fit to work together.

I firmly believe that every woman can and should feel absolutely beautiful, regardless of her age, her lifestyle, her bank balance or the size tag in the back of her pants. Style, you see, isn't an inborn trait, it's a learned skill a mix of art and science that really determines how certain things look with other things. In this case that would be you and your wardrobe. Obviously, it's not about me having better taste than you, not at all.

What I bring to the table really is the ability to see the beauty in you that there's a good chance you don't see in yourself.  I find most women get all tied up trying to hide whatever they think are their terrible flaws, when in truth when we dress them in the things that showcase their assets, the things that are fabulous about them, those flaws whether they're real or imagined, just disappear into thin air.

Unfortunately, we get all kinds of goofy messages from retail and the fashion press about what we should do. The list of this season's must-have that everybody should be wearing but in fact you're not “everybody”, you're you, unique and special and that's exactly what I focus on - creating wardrobes that are specific to both the looks and the lifestyle of the women that I'm working with. The amazing thing is that when we make choices based on that criteria, before you know it you'll find that you have all this unexpected mix-and-match in your closet… everything seems to work with everything and you have great outfits for every occasion that crops up in your lifestyle.

Now let's be honest, you may be thinking “oh my gosh what's this going to cost me”? Well first I want you to know that as a single mom having raised three teenagers, I am very sensitive to any client’s budget restraints. However, it's absolutely true that a big update is probably going to involve a larger spend than you typically make in any one single season. However, you're going to be adding pieces that you'll reach for over and over and over again, not more frustrating mistakes that just hang unworn in the back of your closet. And in truth, the feeling of loving what you see when you look in the mirror every morning … well it's tough to put a price tag on that.

So if it seems that these thoughts match up with your objectives, why don't you look around the site a little more and then let's connect and explore exactly how we might work together.