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wardrobe coordination

Smart Shopping at Summer Clearance Sales

Do you love shopping the sales, but find too many of those so-called bargains end up gathering dust in the back of your closet. Want to be a more savvy sale shopper?  Here’s how:  to take advantage of end-of-season bargains – without being taken advantage of yourself – you’ll want to SWAP.  No, I don’t mean…

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Wardrobe Challenge: Shop in Your Closet

It’s embarrassing to admit, but it’s true: I am just about the laziest person you can imagine when it comes to my wardrobe.  I get stuck in a rut – wearing the same few outfits over and over while lots of other great options hang in my closet.  I’ve identified two causes.  (1). Sometimes an…

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Maximizing Mix & Match for Any Lifestyle – Part 2

Last week we created the start of a 12-piece wardrobe with a Core Four in navy blue.  Now let’s layer some accent-color over-tops onto the pants+shell and the skirt+shell columns and link the color combinations with accessories to polish off each outfit.

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Style Dilemma: When and how can I wear jeans in the office?

Style Solution: Your company’s dress policy should clarify the “when”.  But whether your office allows jeans every day or just on Fridays, it’s important to polish the look to maintain your professional presence. Jeans — by the way — are defined by the styling, not by the blue denim.  Details like a back yoke, rear…

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Style Dilemma: What can a wardrobe makeover actually accomplish for a woman?

Style Solution: Everybody seems to love before & after photos. But as you look at these example, remember that our work isn’t about looking good once for a photo.  It’s about having a whole closet full of inter-coordinated outfits just as flattering as the looks you see here. Melissa’s too-long skirt, too-long sleeves and boxy shirt all dragged her…

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Style Dilemma: I’ve heard that black doesn’t flatter everyone, but it seems so easy to mix and match with other colors – what’s the deal?

Style Solution:  Although the popular fashion myth is that everything goes with black, in truth “everything that goes with black goes with black.” Clear, bright, cool colors like those shown below look great with black. (Many other colors – especially softer, warmer or more muted ones – not so much.) Those combinations are also easy…

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Style Dilemma: I’m tired of black – and it doesn’t look that great on me anyway. What other neutral should I use in its place?

Style Solution:  Try a different neutral – ideally one that is closely related to your hair color. Although retail and the fashion press promote black as the universal choice, it really is flattering to only a small minority of women — those with very dark hair and high-contrast coloring. Black mixes best with clear, bright, cool accent…

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