Live & VIRTUAL Wardrobe Consulting Services

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No more closet full of "nothing to wear"

Your wardrobe should be a carefully curated collection of garments and accessories that fit you, flatter you, make you feel fabulous … and coordinate into countless outfits for every event in your life.

You should be able to pull out any item  and confidently build at least 3 million-dollar looks with it.

You can’t?  Well together - in person or virtually - we can restructure your wardrobe to make that ideal your new reality.

Step 1 – Closet Clean-Out - In-Person or via ZOOM

Together we'll create your optimal wardrobe with a consistent theme,  fewer but better clothes … endless possibilities. In person or via ZOOM, we’ll review the garments and accessories you own and retain only those that are your personal best.

We’ll re-envision existing pieces when possible — a hemline change or different buttons might just take a garment from “unbearable” to wearable. We’ll develop an organization system for your closet and identify the pieces you need to add or replace.  $125/hour

Step 1-B - Fabric Stash Purge & Prioritize

My sewing clients tell me they own more fabric than they could ever sew.  Via mailed swatches or on a ZOOM call, we can partner to prioritize the exact fabrics and patterns to flatter your unique beauty and coordinate into endless combinations, so you'll spend precious sewing time on garments you'll love.    $125/hour  Read about Lisa's and Yvonne's stash purges.

Step 2 – Personal Shopping - At the Mall or Online

You can finally have the flattering, versatile wardrobe you’ve dreamed about -- no matter  your age, dress size, lifestyle or budget.

If you hate shopping - or just don't have the time - you’ll love working with a pro to quickly spot things that make you look and feel fabulous – your ideal colors, silhouettes and fit.  At the mall or online, we can shop your favorite stores or recommend retailers based on our experience.

For clients who sew, we can help edit and prioritize your fabric and pattern collection so you use your time making garments you'll use and enjoy most. $125/hour

Step 3 – Wardrobe Coordination - the Tech-Savvy Way

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to get dressed every morning when everything in your closet goes together and it all looks great on you.  Using an online "closet" we can  coordinate new pieces and old favorites into flattering looks for every occasion.  We'll identify combos you might never spot on your own – and finish each look with the ideal accessories.  We can both access your digital closet any time … to plan new outfits, identify great new items to add, plan travel packing lists and much more. $125/hr

Step 4 – G0!

If you’re ready to create your ideal wardrobe, contact Nancy to schedule an appointment. To learn more about these services, you can skim the frequently asked questions and read what previous clients say about the benefits of these services.

Connect with Nancy to schedule a session.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s embarrassing … what if my closet is the worst mess you’ve ever seen?

Relax … this process isn’t about judging your tidiness or your wardrobe choices; it’s about creating a wardrobe that really works for you.  I’m not the fashion police, ready to give you a ticket for your style mistakes. Through the years of study I’ve learned to avoid those mistakes, and I love teaching clients those same concepts.

What should I do to get ready?

When you book an appointment you'll receive a packet of simple tools and detailed instructions on how to prepare for the session.  The more effectively you prepare the more quickly we can accomplish your objectives.

How long does a wardrobe consultation take?

Specific circumstances vary widely of course, but the average time is about 2 hours for each step – clean-out, shopping and coordination.

What if I don’t agree with a specific recommendation?

This isn’t one of those high-pressure TV makeover shows. It’s real life, and final decisions are always yours. After all, it’s your clothing, your money, your life.  My job is to offer expert advice and education … not to force anything on you.

When is the best time for a wardrobe audit?

We can work productively any time you’re ready. Day of the week doesn’t matter, but Saturdays book up fast, so we can probably schedule a week day sooner.

If I don’t dress up for work, will this service still benefit me?

Unless you live in a nudist colony, I’m betting you want clothes that look great for all your lifestyle needs. In fact, my professional clients say they enjoy having better options for casual and dressy events, maybe even more than they enjoy their improved career wardrobes. And I’ve helped at-home moms, retirees and corporate wives with great results.

Is this service available for men too?

I really enjoy working with women’s wardrobes, but I have a colleague I’m happy to recommend for the man in your life.