Yep … still going.  And loving it!  It’s fun to see how my basic bottoms and shells keep repeating with various over-layers  and accessories making the difference.  And then the over-layers cycle back again over other bottoms.  Seeing the photos and actually wearing  the combos helps me evaluate the items in a much more intelligent way that just laying them out on the bed or putting them on a dress form.  Here are some of the things I learned – hope they are helpful for your own mix/match efforts …

  • Love this jade and brown combo, but the sweater looks boxy, doesn’t it.  The long necklace helps make a vertical accent, but it wasn’t bold enough to fully do the trick.  I took a gold charm off another necklace and added it to this one for a bit more heft.  Next time I’ll add an extender to make the chain longer too.  And I’ll push up the sleeves – that always lifts a look.
  • The green jacket is a baby-soft double-faced wool and feels like heaven.  Pants are a tiny black/white tweed in a fabulous quality, but now I know why I don’t wear them – the legs are too wide. Off to Bernardo – my magic alterations guy for jobs I’m too ADD to tackle myself (I’d rather make something from scratch any day.)  Word is that wider leg jeans are trending, but not for this gal!
  • This plaid skirt is old as the hills, but it’s an “Energizer Bunny” and just keeps going.  I love it with my red jacket, but it might be fun with the green one too.  The red boucle jacket is lined only in the sleeves, and when I pushed up my sleeves  the lining didn’t go along for the ride, but drooped out from the lower edge.  So I spent a bit of TV time that evening running a straight stitch by hand along both sleeve seams to secure the lining to the outer layer – now it pushes up just fine.

  • I’ve never found a jean jacket that looks/feels right for me, but a lightweight denim shirt fills that same function in my wardrobe.  When I layered it over brown leggings and a brown tee, the brass buttons reminded me of this old necklace in brass and gray-blue faux pearls.  The accessory makes it an outfit instead of just a jean shirt over whatever.  This look would also work with my chocolate pencil skirt.
  • I’m a huge fan of long cardigan sweaters – you’ve undoubtedly figured that out by now – so when I found this pale gray one in the Spring Cabi line I knew it would be a valuable addition to my wardrobe.  I wore it the very day it arrived, paired with gray skinny jeans and a turquoise cami.  The footwear is that perforated suede bootie – the one I bought in red and black too because it is so comfy.  Directions for the scarf tie are on my YouTube channel.
  • The third look above is a dark jade sweater set I blogged about when I found it at my favorite resale shop.  I used it 7 ways with navy and gray pieces in that post.  Here I did it with dark wash skinny jeans and an oldie-but-goodie paisley infinity scarf. This outfit made me acknowledge that my navy oxfords – cute as the dickens though they are – hold my foot so snugly that my pinched nerve goes crazy in just an hour or so.  I needed an 8-10-hour navy shoe.  Shopping adventure ahead …

  • I used this chocolate faux suede jacket last week over a pencil skirt and print wrap top.  Here it is again over chocolate leggings and a black/brown skin print shell – one of my favorite neutral-mix combos.  That print would also link the jacket to black pants, leggings or pencil skirt.
  • This dress is really 2 separate pieces – the Pamela’s Patterns pencil skirt and a faux-wrap top.  I’ve made the top several times in jersey prints and solids, but this time I tried it in ponte knit and love the result.  The necklace is one of the many charms I use interchangeably on chains of various lengths depending on the neckline I’m pairing it with.  It’s a geode that just explodes with color in ways my camera just couldn’t capture – so it blends with a wide range of blue/jade/purple garments.
  • The plus of making the dress a 2-piece is that now I can pair the skirt with a pale blue cami and the new gray cardigan.  And you may remember this scarf from an outfit I made with a blue sweater set that turned out to be just too small.  Now I have a new way to utilize it.  I liked the 2-pc dress just fine with nude legwear, but I think next time I’ll add gray tights to this combo.

How are you doing making new combinations from pieces YOU already own?  Do you find an item or two you needed to discard, alter, repair or replace?

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  1. Karen Rogers on June 3, 2019 at 3:06 pm

    Hi Nancy, What pattern did you use fof the faux-wrap top?

    • Nancy Nix Rice on June 4, 2019 at 8:26 am

      That pattern is a old-oldie, McCalls I think. I loaned it to a friend, who thenlost it, so I had to take apart my original top to make a pattern from it and that’s how I got this one. However I have since found a couple of others that are similar. Brasov Top by the indy company Itch to Stitch and Simplicity 1945 (Kahliah Ali – out of print but I’ll bet you could still track it down). Good luck – this is such a flattering design direction for many of us!

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