Lucy’s Blouse Options – Evaluated

After her first session of VIRTUAL Style School, Lucy looked at her collection of blouses and wasn’t quite sure which ones were her most flattering.  It’s always harder to see ourselves accurately, isn’t it?  So she made a collage of her photos and asked me and her fellow participants for input …

What do YOU think?

  • Which ones are too bright and overpower her?
  • Which combos have more light:dark contrast than you see in her personal color pattern?
  • Which are too soft and pale?
  • Which prints are too busy and attention-grabbing?

The lighting varies a bit within the photo assortment, but her color pattern shows up well enough for this exercise.  After you decide on your own answers, you can check a summary of the group opinion below the collage.

Here’s what the class decided:

Too bright?  The fuscia in the top row #4 and the goldenrod in the bottom row #2.

Too pale?  Bottom row #5

Too high contrast?  Top row #3

Too busy?  The pink, bottom row #3 and the gray skin print #4 (also too extremely cool for her slightly warmer skin tone).

And what’s good?

  • The dark green and dark red (top row #1 and #2) – both very good on Lucy.
  • The blue (top row #5 is pretty good too; better if was a bit more toward teal).
  • Navy with tiny dot (bottom row #1); the dots are both small enough and sufficiently OFF-white to stay surprisingly subtle.

How did your evaluation compare to ours?

Now check out how the color scheme options below keep her face in focus by aligning with her deep, rich personal coloring?

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