Top Picks from Spring ’24 Cabi Collection

I’ve long been a big fan of the direct-sale Cabi collection – even though I no longer sell it myself – for their modern design esthetic and wealth of interesting little details that set their piees apart.  I just presented a detailed look at the current season pieces in our subscription Community, and here are the highlights.

My #1 fave is this shortie aqua blue cardigan.  Flattering V neckline, breathable cotton ideal for warm weather.  Pictured below with several of our scarves that could link it back to white denim, tan and khaki or chocolate brown.  Also fab with gray or dark sage green.

(The photos of the garments on me are strictly for sizing reference, not styled into cute outfits.  I’m 5’3″ and 140 and a few pounds and each collage notes the size of the garment sample I have on.)

And by the way — should you want to order anything from the collection, here’s the link:  Disclosure: I do get some garment discounts, but this isn’t a commissioned situation. I just really like their clothes.

Fave #2: This blouse belongs in virtually every woman’s closet.  It’s a beautiful pearl color rather than either bright white or overly-warm cream.  The flounce is feminine without being girlish.  The deep V neckine keeps the flounce fullness toward the garment center so it doesn’t add unwanted volume to a full-busted figure.  And the cascade detail ends at the shoulderline so it can fall gracefully OVER a cardigan or jacket neckline – brilliant!

This print top includes so many shades of pinks and reds that it works with a number of my over-layers tops in that color family – and it might do the same in your wardrobe too. I wasn’t a big fan of the shoulder ruffles, but discovered that they are attached to the garment UNDER a little flange (stitched down pleat) so I can just trim them away in a minute.

I won’t itemize ALL my favorite pieces, but here’s a collage listing so you can check out the ones that interest you. Happy Cabi-ing!

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