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Style Dilemma: I’ve heard that black doesn’t flatter everyone, but it seems so easy to mix and match with other colors – what’s the deal?

Style Solution:  Although the popular fashion myth is that everything goes with black, in truth “everything that goes with black goes with black.” Clear, bright, cool colors like those shown below look great with black. (Many other colors – especially softer, warmer or more muted ones – not so much.) Those combinations are also easy…

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Style Dilemma: I’m tired of black – and it doesn’t look that great on me anyway. What other neutral should I use in its place?

Style Solution:  Try a different neutral – ideally one that is closely related to your hair color. Although retail and the fashion press promote black as the universal choice, it really is flattering to only a small minority of women — those with very dark hair and high-contrast coloring. Black mixes best with clear, bright, cool accent…

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Style Dilemma: OK, so my key neutral is BROWN. Now what do I wear with it?

Style Solution:  Brown – in it’s various versions – is flattering to far more women than black, and because it’s unexpected, it is more interesting too. Many, many less saturated colors look wonderfully sophisticated with brown. Women with color patterns like these look gorgeous in various shades of brown:

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