Style Stretching Strategies: Color Links

“Everything goes with Black”  — or so we’re told by many so-called style gurus.  But the truth is that within any woman’s range of mountain-top best colors, nearly everything goes with everything.  We just haven’t been taught to see the possibilities.  Links are a great way to get started …

Let’s say you have green eyes and wanted to emphasize them with a wardrobe capsule in  Sage Green.  Your initial coordinate choice might be cream – workable but not terribly exciting.

Who would think of mixing that green with purple?  Sounds like a Mardi Gras costume, right?  But see how rich and sophisticated it looks with a scarf that includes both colors (and indeed the boot cokor as well).  Unexpected in the very best way!

And the same unexpected flair results from mixing the Sage with a dusty aqua, linked with a Sage and aqua paisley accessory.  Or Sage plus blush or coral, again with a linking accessory.  The possibilities are endless.  (If you aren’t confident about scarf tying, check my easy video how-tos HERE.)

As effective as scarves are for linking, they aren’t the only option.  A multi-color necklace works equally well.

Or a patterned garment – print blouse, plaid jacket, jacquard sweater, etc. – can also link solid garments into outfits.  These examples are from Jjill current collection.

By now you’ve undoubtedly realized that the multi-color pieces in your own closet can suggest new ways to combine solid garments you already own.  If the patterned piece is flattering on you, there’s a very good chance the combined solids will be equally flattering.

You might challenge yourelf to use this trick to build a new-to-you outfit every day this week.  I’d love to hear about your results.

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