Sweater Dresses Take Center Stage

So many of you loved the sweater-dress concept from last weeks Retail Recon that I’ve scouted up a few more in a variety of colors.  This look is a favorite for its cozy comfort and one-and-done ease.

This cowl-neck version is from Chicos, available in either gray or camel.  It isn’t in any of the stores I’ve checked, so I wasn’t able to actually feel the fabric.  However the reviews were very favorable.  It is a pretty straight silhouette – ideal for Rectangles  and Inverted Triangles.  Curvier shapes – Hourglass or minor Triangles – might want to size down for a slightly more body-conscious fit.

With that unbroken front panel – in a dress or sweater – I love to add a long necklace to create a center focal point and elongate the silhouette.  The examples below are from our inventory, though not on the website due to low inventory.  Feel free to mail for more information.  They were photographed against similar color garments from my own closet, not the specific Chico dresses.

The cable sweater dress version is Ralph Lauren.  Available in camel, black (not shown) or navy. The texture makes this one a bit more forgiving of any figure challenges.  Lauren also does a separate skirt and sweater if you prefer the mix/match options.

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  1. Izora Earl on November 17, 2021 at 7:27 pm

    Thank you for all your tips and suggestions!

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