Summer’s Over – What Comes Out of My Closet?

I’m a firm believer in Season-Spanning Wardrobes, but with a hint of Fall in the air, it’s time to rotate out of my closet the items that are clearly “summer-only”.  Forget the old “no white after Labor Day” guideline.  It’s the mix of color, fabrication and styling that combine to define seasonality.  Your decisions may differ a lot from mine, but hopefully my PROCESS can help inform yours …

My first-round first purge was obvious – off-white and paler blue denim bottoms, off-white jean jacket and cotton cardi, plus a bunch of toe-post sandals (what we used to call “thongs” until that term got a new meaning, right?). Then on to the more complex decisions…

I’m a huge lover of dresses — I call it “one-and-done dressing”.  I have plenty of them,  so these  5 are coming out  of  the  rotation  until  Spring:

My first criterial was layer-ability.  Could I winterize the look with an over-layer?  None of these lent themselves to that styling.  Then color, fabric and styling evaluation, left to right:

  • Navy dress: Shorter length, short sleeves and the polka dots all clearly signal warm weather.
  • Sleeveless floral, need I say more?  If I was short on dress options I could layer a blue cardigan over this one, but that’s not my reality.
  • Teal print – cap sleeve and no layering options – clearly out of season
  • Turquoise solid and red paisley – I sewed these two myself – a very favorite pattern – and the rayon jersey is comfy-cool but clearly says “hot weather” to me.

The next cluster illustrates a variety of considerations.  Again, Left to right:

  • Periwinkle silk dress is another me-made project and I adore it.  But I’ve managed to take off that COVID 5# plus another 10#, so now it fits like a bag.  I’ll go back and take in every one of the topstitched princess seams eventually, but can’t muster the discipline at the moment.  Hopefully by May I’ll decide to tackle it.
  • Peri polo shirt – a favorite color but not styling I reach for often so not worth the effort to winterize it.
  • Crinkle-gauze print top – great with off white or pale wash denim all summer, but too sheer to look right with navy for Fall.
  • Tough to see #4, but it’s a sleeveless navy cotton lace.  This is my test-dress for weight management, so darn it! when I can finally zip it again it’s out of season.  Hopefully it will still zip next May.
  • Favorite throw-on-and-go black cotton jersey, but the mid-body shirring – the camouflage factor that makes it such a fave in the first place – doesn’t lend to layering.

Last, a few over-layer tops:

  • I nearly always wear the two plaid shirts as faux-cardigans, knotted at the waist over tank tops and light denim bottoms.  If you’d wear this styling layered under a jacket, they might stay in your cool-weather rotation.
  • Pink stretch cotton jacket.  The color could work into fall in different fabrication.  The fabrication could carry forward in a different color.  But the combo didn’t make the cut.  Do check out the cardi/tank par in the same color that I am keeping in my Fall wardrobe.

What are you rotating out of your wardrobe as cooler days approach?  How does your geography affect those seasonal decisions?  Check HERE and HERE and HERE for ideas on building new cool-weather outfits with items you might think of as summer-only.  And HERE too!


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