Everybody seems to love before & after photos. But as you look at these examples, remember that our work isn’t about looking good once for a photo.  It’s about having a whole closet full of inter-coordinated outfits just as flattering as the looks you see here.

Melissa’s too-long skirt, too-long sleeves and boxy shirt all dragged her look downward and the drab colors drained her.

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 First we fitted the skirt properly, tucked in the shirt and pushed up the sleeves – an amazing difference in the very same clothes.

A basic black pant and shell get a casual but professional feeling with the sleek red cardigan sweater.  Although the strong colors would overpower many women, they are in perfect balance with Melissa’s high-contrast coloring.

 The crisp contrast and shaped lines of the new pantsuit balance her color pattern and tastefully emphasize her shapely, youthful figure. Yes, it is the same pant and turtleneck worn a new way.  The trim on the jacket seems slightly too high-contrast even for Melissa; in real life it is a tan color, not bright white as it appears here.

At work the next day, even her good friends walked right past and didn’t recognize her.

Suzy’s situation is almost a complete opposite.  She needed to rebuild her professional wardrobe after a major weight loss.  She came from a traditional professional background and was reflexively choosing dark, ultra-conservative clothes that gave her a hard-edged look entirely at odds with her warm, collegial management style.

makeover,wardrobe consulting, image consulting, style, fashion,color analysis, color consulting,

We introduced softer colors and more stylish separates into her wardrobe.  That maintained her professional credibility while it added a friendlier and more youthful energy.  You can see the difference in her face, can’t you?

Here are some additional examples of outfits we built to soften up her dark pieces.suzy clothes 3

Notice how the lighter colors on the upper body lift the overall look, and how the accessories tie the colors together, making the combinations more cohesive and understandable.suzy accessories 3

See lots more makeover examples … and then consider how we can help you achieve similar results in your own life. Or share photos of your own image update – we’d love to see them.  It feels so good to like how you look!

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I help other women feel confident about how they look every day - regardless of their age, budget, lifestyle or the size tag in their pants - so they put wardrobe concerns on the back burner and go share their gifts with the world.

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