image consulting, wardrobe consulting, clothing care, fashionStyle Solution:  Great News!  At-home dry cleaning kits like Dryel are a great way to safely remove surface soil, wrinkles and odors like perspiration, second-hand smoke and perfume from hand-washable and dry-clean-only clothing at a fraction of the cost of a trip to the cleaners.

Dryel is a home dry cleaning product. Woolite has a similar product, and
I’ve seen house brands in some of the drug and discount stores.

You place your clothing is in a heavy-gauge plastic bag (provided in the starter kit) along with a dryer-activated cloth and then put it in the dryer for a specified length of time. Vapors, activated from dryer heat, penetrate the clothes and “lift” the odors and dirt.  You’ll want to take your items out and hang them immediately to avoid set-in wrinkles.  The Dryel fragrance is much nicer than the smell of dry-cleaning chemicals.

Dryel is designed to be used as a complement, not a replacement, to commercial dry cleaning. I personally go through this cycle:  Wear>Dryel>Wear>Dryel>Wear>Dry Clean.  (When I say wear it means “wear until it needs freshening”. Depending on the garment’s contact with your body that might mean one wearing for pants or  many wearings for a tailored jacket worn over a blouse.)

Dryel is great for dark-wash jeans that you don’t want to risk fading. Check the package directions for advice on treating silks and other delicate and expensive fabrics.



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