color consulting, color analysis, image consulgingStyle Solution:  I’m so glad you asked that question. Many, many stylists don’t understand this important concept, so you’ll often see celebrities and even the fashion press having a hit-or-miss approach to color flattery.

Learn to use celebrity photos and magazine layouts to train your eye to spot optimal color choices … and non-optimal ones too.  Consider these photos of actress and mid-life phenom Helen Mirren:

helen mirren

Now, this woman is gorgeous, and was obviously dolled up for the Red Carpet — by a highly-paid stylist —  in each of these examples.  But on the far left she looks tired, drawn and aging.  The middle photo is better … but on the right — dressed in colors that balance to her personal color pattern — she positively glows!

Good color information would have created that glow every time on purpose rather than one time out of three by accident.

The celebrities below – pictured in InStyle magazine – are all very lovely women,  wearing high-priced clothing for important public appearances.  But 3 of the 4 are overpowered by their black-and-white clothes.  See how hard it is to get your attention away from the high-contrast combinations and up to their faces?

celebs in B-W

Only Anne Hathaway’s outfit (second from right) is an appropriate balance to her personal coloring.  The contrast between the blush-tan dots and the black background of her jumpsuit echo the level of light:dark contrast between her own hair and skin.  See how her face – and therefore her communications and her personality – stands out.

These next three celebrities are featured by InStyle for their trendy print dresses. But the prints are clearly wearing them, not the other way around.  You can keep yourself at the center of attention by choosing prints with smaller scale and less high contrast.

celebs in bad prints

Flip through a fashion magazine or clothing catalog today and see what wonderful – and not-so-wonderful – examples of color harmony you can spot.  The “Ten Best Looks” feature in every issue of InStyle Magazine is a great place to start training your eye.  Do you agree with the editors’ assessments?

If you aren’t absolutely CERTAIN which colors do the most to showcase you, I’d be happy to help with a personalized color consultation.  Face-to-face or via photographs, it’s the single most important investment you can make in your appearance and your wardrobe.

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