warrobe consulting, color consulting, imag consulting, color analysis, wardrobe, fashionStyle Solution: For Caucasian women, clothing and accessories in colors related to skin tone can soften a look, making the effect more feminine and/or approachable.  For women of color, clothing that includes skin tones creates the same POP of visual connection that hair color creates for Caucasians.

A repeat of most Caucasian skin tones is Soft Blush.  Not exactly pink … not quite peach … just a dusty and subtle Blush.  One amazing attribute of this color is its ability to work in combination with virtually every neutral and most pseudo-neutrals too. Replace your standard white shirt with a blush shell under a suit and see how much more sophisticated it looks … and friendlier too.  That “friendlier” thing also makes Blush a great First Date choice if you’re in that phase of life.COLOR CONSULTING, color analysis, wardrobe planning, wardrobe consulting, fashion

It is challenging to wear head-to-toe.  On women with pale coloring, the effect is utterly washed-out.  And on women with strong personal coloring the pale Blush creates a color value imbalance like you see in the left-hand example below.

BLUSH VALUE MISMATCH But it works beautifully as a blouse under a contrasting jacket or a jacket over a contrasting color column.  Here are some current choices in Blush. Each image is a link to more information about the item.

Try Wearing Your Skin Color
Jones NY usually has a shell or tank in Blush, and often a silk blouse too,  but their web site currently shows only a silk knit shell available in S and XS.

Women of color can also were their skin tone to great effect, but in a slightly different way.  This group women have greater variety in their skin colors – some more golden, others more peachy and still others with a red-brown cast.  Matching closely is critical to a flattering look.  We used a golden camel in our examples.

Darker skin tones are especially chic worn with black, but they mix well with other deep, rich solids too.  The mix might be a patterned garment or a combination of solid pieces.

color consultation, color analysis, style, wardrobe consulting, image consultingHere are some examples of skin tones mixed with black – so much smarter than a black-and-white combination where the bright white overpowers the woman’s face.  These gals can have a field day with all the warm-toned skin prints that are in the spotlight this season … and they can keep right on wearing them for years.

Skin Tones for Women of Color
These images are links as well – some more affordable than others.  And no, the adorable leopard flats are not really $8 – that’s just a link goof!

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