Daytime to Dress-Up? Accessorize!

Need to take the look of a simple dress or pretty separates from every-day to dress-up?  Accessories are absolutely the key.   Statement necklaces are an easy way to add party power, but rather than investing in one all-out glitzy piece, take a look in your current jewelry wardrobe for necklace pairs you can “stack” to create a more dramatic presence now, then revert to their more relaxed persona when the parties are over.

There are no rules for this type of mixing, but here are some guidelines:

The two pieces should relate in at least one characteristic: color, type of stones or beads, scale, shapes …

The strands should usually nest or tier within one another rather than just pile up. However the cream and gold-tone example top-right below “piles”  very nicely because the gold strands of the second piece are so fine that they virtually disappear, so the stones seem to float within the heavier necklace.

Use the adjustable length feature of your necklaces to adapt the lengths of the two pieces to be most compatible.  If that isn’t enough adjustment to make the look work, add a separate extender to the one that needs to be longer.

Think outside the box.  The 5-strand pearl necklace (top, center) could be unhooked and worn with one strand behind your neck and the other 4 hanging much longer.

stacked necklaces

From top left: 3-strand tri-metal necklace + longer single strand with dangling charms

5-strand chunky pearl necklace + shorter single strand of freshwater pearls and periwinkle blue stones

3 strands of mixed cream and golden beads + 3 strands of fine gold chain with translucent gold beads

4-strand mixed-metal multi-chain + shorter chunky mix of gold and silver links

long strand of black and gold-tone beads + V-shaped strand with iridescent gold-tone pendant

3-strand bib of gold/silver/rose gold + single-strand rose gold choker

A dressy shoe – a strappy sandal, pump or even a flat in a metalized or pearlized leather – can ratchet your look up another notch.  And don’t, don’t, don’t drag your big every-day bag to the party.  A simple evening clutch will be right on the money … and can be your party purse for at least the next decade.

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