Stretched-Out Sweater Shoulders?

This luxurious, weighty, off-red cardigan and matching shell followed me home from my favorite ReSale Shop – if you’re a St Louis gal you know the one – but it had a problem.  The weight of the  knit caused the shoulder area to stretch completely out of shape from the hanger.  Fortunately there’s an easy fix – one you can use when you have this same problem.

Below you can see the problem – pretty drastic distortion.  Start by fitting that shoulder area over the pointed end of your ironing board.  This knit was so heavy that I had to pin the edges of the garment into the padded board cover to hold it in place.

Holding the plate of your iron about an inch above the fabric surface, saturate the area with shots of steam.  Then use your fingers to gently pat the knit back into its original shape.  Repeat as needed until the fabric is fully recovered.  Then repeat the entire process with the opposite shoulder.  DO NOT put the surface of your iron down on the knit!

Here’s the finished result – perfectly smooth shoulders:

Of course I don’t want to  encounter this problem every time I wear the sweater, but I also HATE storing items folded in drawers where I don’t see them.  I use flocked hangers to hang many of my lighter cardigans the traditional way and they do just fine.  But clearly that wasn’t going to work on this weighty knit, so I borrowed a trick from an old “Hints From Heloise” book.

  • Fold the sweater in half along the center front/center back.  Now the sleeves are positioned one on top of the other.
  • Place a hanger over the upper body portion of the sweater, with the hook at the underarm point.
  • Fold the lower body of the sweater down over one arm of the hanger
  • Fold the sleeves down over the other arm, resting on top of the sweater body.
  • PRESTO – the fabric layers cling together and you can hang it right into your closet without worry.

NOTE: I usually have the shell on the same hanger, hung traditionally, under the cardigan. But I omitted that here to keep the process more obvious in the photos.





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