Strategies in Sage Green

We usually connect Key Neutrals to the client’s hair color, and yes, I know, nobody has green hair.  Not naturally anyway.  But this temperature-neutral color — often confused with it’s decidedly warm cousin, Olive — is a flattering option for nearly all color patterns.  And especially so for women with eyes in the green range.

Think of a green that has a bit more blue to it than yellow and is toned down or grayed just a bit.  Herbal green.  Military green.  You get the idea.

You’ll find a lot of this color featured in sportswear, but it can have a dressier persona as well.  Choose a version that is approximately as dark/strong or as light/soft as you own overall coloring.  I’ll keep a lookout when I’m in the stores and let you know when I spot it in the marketplace.

If your look is generally warm, accent it with choices like brick red, peachy blush or camel and link the combination with a multi-color accessory like the scarves (from our inventory) shown below:

If your look is generally cool, accent Sage Green with cooler colors like dusty aqua, plum and paler sage green:

Here’s an outfit example:

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