Spring Trend: Bohemian

One way to keep your wardrobe looking and feeling modern and up-to-date is to mix just a touch of a seasonal trend into outfits with clothes you already own.  The Bohemian look – “boho” if you will – is one perfect example.  Here’s how to do it …

Boho looks are generally defined by soft fabrics, colors that appear to be from natural dyes, subdued patterns, hand embroidery look-alikes and rustic accessories like these examles from the current Soft Surroundings catalog:.

If that undiluted boho suits your style, you’re all set.  If it’s a bit much for you, take a look at how I adapted it to my more traditional style aesthetic.

I started with my chocolate brown jeans (Chico’s).  They had faded a bit from 3 years of use, so I tinted them back to their original color with Rit dye.  Then I paired them with a soft V-neck knit top in Peach Fuzz – the Pantone color of the year. A pretty enough mix, but fairly unexciting.

But an oversized patchwork scarf in pale neutrals plus chocolate – complete with tassles along the edge – linked the colors of the outfit, elevated the contrast level to balance my own, and added just the right bit of boho chic to let me feel right on trend.

Here are several other scarves from our collection that might work the same magic with solid pieces from your own closet.


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