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Shoulder shape/Sleeve bands

Accessories to the Rescue!

Another student who viewed my class shared this Before & After photo pair of a draped-front cardigan she sewed up just to test the fit of the pattern.   What she discovered applies just as much to a purchased cardigan as it does to the one she made.

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Look Taller & Trimmer: Emphasize Your Shoulders

Another Instant Update for your wardrobe and your body is to emphasize and enhance your shoulders! REALLY!  Don’t tune me out here.  Women complain to me all the time about their huge shoulders … but 99% of those complaints are simply WRONG.  (The other 1% are right about having strong shoulders, but mistaken to think…

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Style Dilemma: How can I dress to look thinner?

Style Solution:  It’s amazing the difference clothing and accessories can make in how slim and trim a woman looks.  Follow the easy tips listed below to peel off 10 … 15 … even 20 visual pounds – INSTANTLY!

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