Hourglass bodies look their best in styles that allude to their waistline curve.  But when the distance from waist to shoulder of the garment doesn’t match that dimension of the woman’s body the results can be pretty awful, as these pictures clearly illustrate.  It can easily become what I call the “link-sausage approach to fashion”…

I bought the jacket on the left at a season-end sale – no return or exchange option.  But when I tried it on, it was a definite DON’T.  Lucky me – I had a client who loved it (and wasn’t short-waisted like I am) to she bought my jacket and I replaced it with the one on the right – still shaped, but more gently, so the waistline didn’t ride up and the whole effect was a lot better.

Ignore the leggings  and clunky shoes please; I just wanted the most nondescript possible bottoms so you’d only pay attention to the difference between the two jackets.

Fortunately both jackets were the same slightly muted shade of red, so the new one went with all the coordinates I had lined up for the original.  See it in action in my wardrobe HERE and HERE.

NOTE: Of course a petite-proportioned garment wouldn’t have this problem, but unfortunately the selection in all specialty sizes is getting more and more limited these days.

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