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Instant Wardrobe Update: Accessorize!

Accessories are the icing on your wardrobe cake.  They add polish to any look – casual, career or cocktail. They adapt the mood of your clothes to the occasion at hand.  They provide clues to your inherent personality.  And they also tell everyone what part of your body they should focus on and what parts…

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How to Tie Silky Square Scarves

We LOVE LOVE LOVE scarves for the way they add pizzazz to any look and link unexpected color combination into congruent outfits.   A new (revived) addition to the scarf scene lately is the 26-28″ silky square – bigger than the bandana size,  but smaller than the shawl. We just added some great ones to our…

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Style Dilemma: How should I wear my new Infinity Scarf?

Style Solution:  Try one of these easy techniques. An Infinity Scarf is essentially a tube of fabric.  Begin by folding the tube in half widthwise, creating a double-layer of fabric half the original width. Then fold again, creating a tube that is narrower yet. Drape the tube around your neck, hanging to the front (A).…

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Style Dilemma: I have some great scarves … and no idea how to tie them.

Here are ten easy-to-tie and easy-to-wear variations for you to try.  Scarves are absolutely magic in your wardrobe, creating focal points far away from figure challenges and linking surprising colors into fashionable combinations. You can read the directions below, or watch the video version if you prefer. Before you wear a new scarf — regardless of…

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