Scarf Savvy for Summer

Kate took me up on my offer – within our LOOKING GOOD Together Community – to provide members with personalized scarf recommendations.  While we’re all suffering thru these sweltering temps, she only wanted lightweght, natural fiber suggestions.  She graciously agreed to give you all a look at what we found:

These are all made from rayon – technically a man-made fiber, but created from plant pulp so it breathes and asborbs like cotton.  Her top pick is the Exotic Abstract in the center of the top row, so I’ll deliver that one to her when we are together at the ASG Conference this weekend.  Of course I’ll do my best to tempt her with the others while we’re fact to face.  Here’s why:

  1. The pink and gray one – top left – is not only great colors for her, but the intricate print motifs relate closely to the fabulous curly texture of her  hair.
  2. The gray-blue one – top right – shades from lighter to darker tones in a way that duplcates the variegated colorations in her hair. See how that connections pops right out now that Imentioned it?
  3. The blush and gray one – bottom row, center – is echoing her hair and skin colors – always a formula for flattery – again with a variegated effect added in.
  4. The green one on the left is the same pattern, but it has an entirely different energy in the different colorway.  Green has been a fashion favorite this year, but it’s been tough to find versons that are cool enough for coloring like Kate’s.  I think she should grab this one while she can.  The dark areas of the print read as navy – her Secondary Neutral – so it should fit nicely into her wardrobe.
  5. The only one I might skip is the purple floral, bottom right.  Good colors?  Check!  Textural print elements?  Check!  But somehow the  floral-and-lace motifs feel a bit too sugar-y for her more salt-y personality. Can you get that feeling, even without know her personally?   I’ll let you know what she ultimately decides.

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  1. Whitney D on August 11, 2023 at 11:09 am

    Can’t wait to hear what Kate decided – and maybe photos!

    • Nancy Nix Rice on August 11, 2023 at 12:02 pm

      She originally chose the middle one from the top row. Then we met up at the ASG Conference in NYC and when she saw them in person I think she added all the others exept the bottom-right purple one. We loved those colors on her, but the print felt a little to “sweet” for her personal style.

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