ST Ponte Knit Fabric – Classic Navy

$26.00 yd

A clear, dark navy that is more blue than black-ish.  Easy to accessorize to flatter blondes, redheads and silver-haired gals.

Shown in the Gallery with Navy/Jade Paisley woven fabric, Navy/Pink Floral and Navy Skin Print jersey.  Also Navy Smears and Navy/Coral Floral oblong scarves – all available on this site.

Sold in 1/4 yard increments.  Hover on the “Length” box below and use the up/down arrows or type in the yardage you want. Then click “Add To Cart” leaving the Quantity set to 1, meaning one cut of your specified length.

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We can’t insure color accuracy on every monitor, so here are thread colors that match this fabric:  Gutterman 279   and Coats&Clark 4900.  Or you can email for a 2×3” color sample –

Additional fabric details HERE.  Garment ideas and sewing tips HERE.


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