1/2″ Thickness Shoulder Shapes


Instantly look taller, thinner and better proportioned. Minimize hips and tummy fullness. Add these naturally curved 1/2″ thick foam shapers to any garment, remove them to use in another garment tomorrow.  Textured finish clings to fabric, stays in place all day.


Instantly look taller, thinner and better proportioned. Minimize hips and tummy fullness. Give yourself the super-model shoulder line that Mother Nature didn’t.  This natural-looking one-size-fits foam shaper is texturized to adhere like Velcro to the inside of any garment.  Go ahead – cut out the crumpled, wadded up pads in all your unlined tops.   One pair of these Shapers can move from garment to garment to make everything SO MUCH more flattering.  See how much difference Shapers made for these women (the first two models have a Shaper on the left but no Shaper on the right):

shoulder shapes

shoulder shapes 2

Although nobody buys these Shapers for how they look – some people do want to see pictures of them.  Below you’ll see a single shaper, trimmed along the thin edge to fit a client’s shoulder width.  The second picture shows the correct placement on a body – with the rounded thicker edge right over the shoulder edge.

pads_trimmedpads_on_model (1)


Additional information

Weight0.5 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 4 in


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