Print Tops Link These Color Combos

During the Pandemic lockdown I kept myself entertained in part by sewing up fabrics & patterns I had on hand. A sleeveless cowl-neck top design (Vogue 9006) was ideal for using up small yardage of semi-sheer print fabrics and now I’m using those multi-color tops to suggest pairngs of solid garments like these …

The pink floral on the left is perfect with off-black jeans or a charcoal ponte pencil skirt and topped with a blush-pink cardigan (a many-seasons-old Cabi item).

The paisey on the right has proven even more versatile.  Here it’s paired with the same off-black jeans and a red linen cardigan.  It can carry right into fall with a cozy light-gray wool-blend cardi or my red leather zipper jacket.

Both of these tops became a lot more flattering when I re-styled them with a waistline elastic casing.  You can read about that absolutely magic transformation HERE.

I hope these combinations are inspiring you to search out new ways to wear the pieces hanging in YOUR closet.

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I help other women feel confident about how they look every day - regardless of their age, budget, lifestyle or the size tag in their pants - so they put wardrobe concerns on the back burner and go share their gifts with the world.

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