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The growing emphasis on sustainability in wardrobes is a great incentive to look for new ways to combine the pieces we already own into outfits we love to wear.  That’s the focus of the next 6 weeks in our subscription online community LOOKING GOOD TOGETHER.  I’ll demonstrate examples of the week’s formula and Community members will post outfits of their own for mutual inspiration.  I want to share a quick sampling here…

The easiest – and arguably most versatile – formula starts with a color-matched (usually neutral) bottom garment and under-layer top. We call that a Color Column.  The PLUS is a contrasting over-layer and linking accessory. Here’s an example starting with a navy blue column – unexciting on its own, but downright magic for building outfits!.

(For those of you who sew a portions of your wardrobe, this example is our navy blue ponte knit made into Pamela’s Patterns Magic Pencil Skirt and the shell from her Versatile Twin Set.)

Try on or lay out your Column and layer on a jacket, cardigan or other topper from your closet.  Then add a linking accessory — a scarf, piece of jewelry or anything else that contains both colors from the outfit.  Rinse & Repeat.

In this example I’ve added a polished cardigan sweater in a blush color reminiscent of the Pantone color of the year – Peach Fuzz.  I added a navy and blush floral scarf, worn in a style shared by one of my subscribers, Jean, from Corpus Christi TX.  Using a silky square scarf about 22″, fold it in half on the diagonal then in half again.  About 2-3″ in from the doubled corner, stitch (or insert a pin) perpendicular to the fold.  With the “tails” to the underside, drape the opening over your head and allow the body of the scarf to drape gracefully to the front.

I ended up finding 24 outfits in my current closet based on a navy color column.  What neutral will you start with and how many outfits can you develop?  I’d love to hear about it in the Comments below.

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