More Warm-Weather Combos & Why They Work

I really AM enjoying my warmer-weather clothes, once I put my mind to it.  Check out the next 4 days of outfits created from garments & accessories already in my closet.  I hope they’ll inspire you to do the same …

#1 – I’m not a big fan of white button-up shirts, but the stretch woven fabric and the striking buckle detail sold me on this one. It’s a big designer name that I got for a resale shop price.  I especially love it paired with brown jeans and brown sandals (or brown skirt and pumps for a dressier look).

#2 and #3 – Both combos include a print pant (actully a capri, but they are ankle pants on my short stature).  I’m not usually a fan of prints on my bottom half, but this print is subtle enough to work just fine.  One day I layered a my jean jackt over a strawberry red cami and added a decades-old necklace with crystal chunks in denim blue and a chain in brass like the jacket buttons.  Last year’s navy sandals are still going strong, and the wedge heels in faux rope are just the casual touch.

I enjoyed that combo so much that a few days later I used the same pant with a cadet blue cami and red linen duster sweater.  The red Clarks sandals are so comfy that I also bought them – many years ago – in black (eventually wore completely out) and navy (mysteriously disappeared).  And the silver necklace with dangling red beads dates back to my kids’ childhood and is still the perfect finish for this mix.

#4 – This paisley shirt in multiple shades of denim blue plus off-white and khaki can work with lot of summer bottoms. I originally thought I’d wear it open with a cami underneath – and I’ll certainly do that another day.  But the curved hemline avoided a hip-focused horizontal emphasis, so I was happy just using it as a single layer.  Keeping the lower buttons open let the front edges spread a little bit for more vertical emphasis – although it doesn’t show up that way in this picture.

What outfits have you been inspired to create in your own closet?


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  1. Elaine Earnshaw on May 1, 2024 at 12:04 pm

    I have been working on sewing four core outfits that I can mix and match in many different ways. My first four core is in navy blue with additional tank tops and overlays in soft green, rose and cadet blue that I can mix and match up with the navy. All the fabrics are from your shop. I especially like the classic patterns by Pamela’s Patterns and was wondering if your red cardigan is one of her pattern’s.

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