scarf tying, accessoriesHere are ten easy-to-tie and easy-to-wear variations for you to try.  Scarves are absolutely magic in your wardrobe, creating focal points far away from figure challenges and linking surprising colors into fashionable combinations. You can read the directions below, or watch the video version if you prefer.

Before you wear a new scarf — regardless of how you plan to tie it — start by carefully cutting off the tag.  You’ll look far more fashionable.

A small square scarf is the easiest to wear and the most casual, understated look.

#1 – Fold the scarf in half diagonally and   roll it from point to fold, forming a long, narrow tube.  Wrap it loosely around your neck and tie a square knot, leaving tails about 2 inches long. Fluff the tails and move them to the side.  Great over a turtleneck!

#2 – My personal favorite:  fold the scarf diagonally and roll as above.  Then tie a simple knot right at the midpoint of the tube.  Tie the loose ends behind your neck and the scarf hangs like a necklace with the knot at center front.  The more fabric you take up in the back knot, the closer the scarf will fit up under your chin.  Smaller tails in back let the scarf hang in a lower “V” shape – great for a fuller face or shorter scarf knotted
sm scarf fluffy#3 – To get a bigger presence from a small scarf: Bring the 4 corners together with the scarf wrong side out.  Point your finger into the very center of the resulting “pouch” and secure a small rubber band over the fabric around your finger. Slip the whole thing off your finger, keeping the rubber band around the fabric.  Fold the scarf back right side out and tie two diagonally opposite corners behind your neck.
#4 – A long rectangular scarf is the most versatile size and shape.  Begin by each of the following styles by folding the scarf loosely into thirds lengthwise to control the fullness.The very easiest way to wear one is to simply drape it around your neck, letting the 2 ends hang at center front.  Tie a soft, open knot in one side, then slip the other end through the knot.  Aligning the knot with your bustline will create a fuller look; positioning the knot higher will lift and minimize bust fullness.Staggering the lower edges avoids creating an abrupt horizontal focal point right at your tummy.LG1-10-2013three-322adj
LG1-10-2013three-329adj#5 – Quick and easy:Fold the scarf in half lengthwise, bringing the two ends together and forming a fold at mid-point.Drape the doubled fabric around your neck and bring the 2 free ends through the loop.  That’s it! You can wear the tails at center front like the photo, or drape them to one side, secured invisibly with a small safety pin.
#6 – A variation on the style above: Start the same way, but bring only one free end through the loop, and pull it up toward your neck.  Make a figure-8 twist in the loop before inserting the second free end.Pull both tails down into the loop; the result is a woven or braided look.LG1-10-2013three-335adj
LG1-10-2013three-346adj#7 – Another variation, this one with less fullness, ideal for shorter or thicker necks or wider faces.With the ends together, insert your finger into the mid-point fold and twist it so the fabric winds tightly onto itself.Drape the fabric around your neck and bring the free ends through the loop (it’s a tight fit now).  Let the free ends untwist and fluff.  Wear the tails to the front or off to the side.
Another series with variations:#8 – Match the mid-point of the scarf’s length with the center front of your neck, draping the tails over your shoulders to the back.  Cross the ends in back and bring them over the opposite shoulders to the front again.For the easiest option, simply let the tails hang as shown.  Or bring both ends back through the draped front so they hang closer together  (not pictured)LG1-10-2013three-361adj
LG1-10-2013three-377adj#9 – Variation #2:With the scarf wrapped front to back and front again (as above), bring one free end over the other and through the original loop and drape it forward.Fluff the top end to form an ascot effect – lovely in the open neckline of a shirt or jacket.
#10 – Variation #3:Follow the steps above, starting at center front, draping the scarf over your shoulders to the back, crossing and back over the opposite shoulders to the front.Bring one loose end over the other and through the original loop.  Finally tie the two ends into a square knot, encasing the original loop into the knot.LG1-10-2013three-383adj

See these techniques and more – in action – in our scarf-tying videos 1 thru 4.  And find extensive details about accessory selection and scarf tying in LOOKING GOOD … Every Day.

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