My Perfect Travel Outfit …

Have you noticed that most people at the airport today appear to be wearing their pajamas?  And that by dressing a notch or two up, you get consistently better service?  So the question is how to combine chic and comfortable into the same outfit.  I think I’ve found an answer … 

On a recent trip I spotted a fellow traveler wearing a soft jersey pant and matching long-sleeved top, accessorized  with style and looking like a million bucks.  I knew I could duplicate the look using my go-to jumpsuit pattern, McCalls 7099. It’s out of print, but you can find a copy online.

Serging the lengthwise seams made the project a super-quickie – just a couple of hours start to finish. I usually just finger-position my straight-ish seams, but because this wool/spandex blend interlock fabric didn’t slide against itself I decided to pin instead.  I placed each pin with the point toward the cut edge and sufficiently far back to avoid contact with the knives or needles of my Baby Lock. 

I stabilized the back shoulder with fusible stay tape.  On the front shoulder I stitched 3 rows of gathering at 1/4″ intervals, using a 2.5 stitch length – long enough to pull easily but short enough to keep the resulting gathers precise.

My final seamline fell between the second and third gathering rows and then the third row was removed.  I serged the raw seam edges – just for looks – with the gathered side down to take advantage of the differential feed to keep the layers moving together.

The intersections of serged seams at stress points — like the underarm and the intersections of inseams with crotch curve — are secured with the method illustrated step-by-step below:

An extended seam allowance at the waist forms a casing for elastic, making it easy to get into and out of the garment.

Although a one-piece garment like this doesn’t offer much mix/match opportunity, I can elevate it with animal print pumps and a silk scarf or relax it with chocolate brown chunky boots and an oversized rayon scarf.


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I help other women feel confident about how they look every day - regardless of their age, budget, lifestyle or the size tag in their pants - so they put wardrobe concerns on the back burner and go share their gifts with the world.


  1. Patricia on January 27, 2024 at 8:02 am

    Hello Nancy!

    What a wonderful idea: looking sharp while traveling! I’m not one for jumpsuits, but the idea of a travel wardrobe is so appealing to me. I think that’s where I will start, now that I’m retired and I have more time to sew. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Nancy Nix Rice on January 27, 2024 at 8:36 am

      You could easily duplicate the look in two pieces, for sure.

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