YOU ARE WORTH FULL PRICE  I consistently see women’s closets full of item after item that they insist was “such a bargain I couldn’t pass it up” … and the tag is still on the garment to prove it.  I love a deal too – but at any price, it’s only a deal if the item is right for YOU and your wardrobe…

Fashion retail is in a pickle right now.  Companies brought in Spring inventory, then had to close stores  and rely solely on online sales.  Summer orders were already in production and couldn’t be scaled back. New merchandise landed just in time to be marked down, freeing up cash for incoming Fall orders.

For consumers, it’s a mixed blessing:  amazing prices on nicer merchandise plus temptation to make excessive, unnecessary purchases. Shop smarter in this crazy environment this way:

  1. Pre-shop online, but if you feel safe doing it, mask up and run by your local mall to check colors and fit in person.  (Few other shoppers, masked salespeople  and ample  hand sanitizer.)
  2. Buy there if you can – they need the business.  But even if they don’t have the exact items you want, you can see/touch/feel.  Hold a color by your face.  Try on a cardigan or jacket over your street clothes if fitting rooms aren’t open.  The more you know before you order, the less likely the hassles of returns and exchanges.
  3. Before you buy, ask yourself if you can wear the item in at least 3 different combination with pieces you already own.  HINT:  Solid garments are more versatile than prints and patterns.
  4. Check your scarf collection ( or our web store) for patterned pieces that can “link” unexpected combos of solids into great-looking outfits. Since I have both skirt and pant in each of my neutrals, that pink sweater set will give me a minimum of 10 new outfits!  Patterned blouses or multi-color jewelry could also be links.
  5. Short sleeved/sleeveless knit tops can layer under jackets and cardigans more readily than long-sleeved ones, which are largely worn as stand-alones.
  6. When possible, buy new items in matching pairs  – pant+tee or cardigan+shell for instance.  Spot a garment you like online, then type its specific color name into the site’s search bar and hit ENTER to find available coordinates.     
  7. Crazy mark-downs sell out quickly, so when you find the perfect cardi, for example, the matching shell may be sold out in your size.  Don’t give up without checking the other size ranges.  For instance I can often wear a Petite shell, or even buy the Tall  and  shorten it.
  8. Look for basic pieces that relate to your hair color.   Those can be the foundation of more outfits than you can count – each of them uniquely related to your own coloring and far more flattering for most women that the over-done black.
  9. Keep an eye out too for prints with an element of that hair color.  And avoid high-contrast print schemes like black+white that tend to overpower nearly everyone.
  10. Only after you decide an item is right for you should you pay attention to pricing.  Most sites have a bar on the home page labeled “Today’s Deals”.  Click there to see additional discounts that often don’t show up until checkout and occasionally require a special code to have them apply. 
  11.  Don’t get sucked into the game of tossing less-ideal items into your cart just to hit the threshold for free shipping.  That’s an easy route to  closet chaos.  Do not ask how I am so certain about this.

About Nancy Nix Rice

I help other women feel confident about how they look every day - regardless of their age, budget, lifestyle or the size tag in their pants - so they put wardrobe concerns on the back burner and go share their gifts with the world.

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  1. Suzanne on September 3, 2020 at 8:53 pm

    You are so right about going for the markdowns only. It is a flawed strategy in my book, too. The pieces I go to again and again are the ones that I stumbled on as perfect for my wardrobe and took the full price hit.

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