Long Distance Color Consultation

You don't have to travel to St. Louis for a personal Color Consultation

We can work across the miles using quality photographs. Here's how ...

For a long-distance color consultation, you mail two 5×7” close-up print photos of your face (front and profile views) plus a very close photo of your eyes - 3 photos total. Be sure they represent your coloring consistently and accurately.  They don’t have to be professional photos – just clear and accurate color.

Minimal makeup is OK if that’s what you typically wear, but nothing bold or extreme and no heavy color-changing foundation. Photos should be taken in indirect natural light – outdoors or by a window – and ideally against a neutral background like a fence or the side of your house. Don’t stand right next to trees or plants; their green color can distort the photo.

Include your name and contact information on the back side of each photograph.  Mail to #10 Birnawoods - St Louis MO 63132.

Mailing actual prints may seem like a pain when emailing the pictures would be so quick and easy.  But you need to see the print and verify the color accuracy.  We just can’t trust a computer monitor – yours or mine – to be accurate enough.  After all, you’ll be spending serious money over the years based on these color recommendations, so we both want to be sure they’re exactly right.

Then I do the analysis and mail you the Color Fan and booklet within a few days.  The fee is $329.  You can mail a check with the photos or purchase through the shop to pay by credit card.


Here’s what Susan shared about her long-distance color consultation

I absolutely love my colors. I can see that all of them are perfect for me.  The reds I’d been wearing were very bright. I’d never worm a muted red like the ones you recommended but I’ve purchased some lipstick and polish colors in my new reds and love them!


You nailed my colors so perfectly. I already have clothes in some of them, but also had lots of black and bright white. Now I see clearly how much better the gray tones and pearl-white are for me. I feel pretty when I wear my new colors and get so many compliments —  not so much on what I’m wearing but how nice I look and how young I look for my age. I wish I had my color information a long time ago. It is a smart investment because it will keep me from making mistaken purchases in the future.


What you do is so great, especially for mature gals who need all the help we can get. The long-distance color service is perfect for women who can’t travel to St. Louis to work with you in person. This service plus your book and DVD have done so much to help me look better and feel better about myself.

Susan Thompson