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My professional colleagues and I often say that even a wardrobe consultant need a wardrobe consultant herself from time to time.  And I had exactly that opportunity this week …

I just wrapped up two fun-filled days hosting a training for newer wardrobe consultants – conducted by my dear friend and master trainer Elaine Stoltz — in my home studio space.  For their “final project” the participants tackled building creative outfits in MY closet.


Now I have a VERY organized closet and loads of easy coordination.  So we challenged them to build outfits that would intentionally stretch my typically pretty traditional style boundaries.

Like most of you (I’m betting), I tend to stereotype my garments in particular ways and not move beyond those preconceptions.  Here are a few of the group’s fresh takes on some of those pieces:

Wanting a holiday vibe, but not the traditional Christmas red & green, they reached for more blue-toned jade greens instead.  The look on the right takes my multi-color jersey mock-wrap top (which I typically wear as a single layer with dark jeans) and paired it with leather-look leggings (a comfort-zone stretch on their own) and a faux-suede-front cascade cardigan sweater.  The fun red cross-body bag was purchased from a local designer.  I don’t wear much gold, but there is a smidge of yellow in the print to tie it in, and the mixed-metal necklace relates to the bag hardware but adds a touch of cooler silver near my face.

The cotton lace sleeveless dress on the left is one I’ve only worn for summer, and had pulled out just to try with my jean jacket.  The class members noticed the navy in the scarf I wear with this jade collared cardigan (both from my favorite resale shop – now also online), and combining the 3 pieced gives me a whole new season to enjoy this dress. Navy suede pumps dress it up and chunky suede booties rough it up a bit more.

The long cardigan below is a bright berry color and I hadn’t even thought about how I’d wear it since it was a Pandemic addition to my closet. But it looks so festive  over a silver mesh sweater (the reflection of which made my camera crazy and dulled the whole photo – sorry). The suede pump, little dressy matte silver bag and pin-on leatherette flower make it a smidge more refined – I’m think holiday brunch with my handbell choir buddies.

Then I can trade the topper for my long royal blue cardigan and head to Hanukkah parties too!  What pieces from your “regular” wardrobe can you reimagine to add a festive feeling to the upcoming season of  possibly smaller, les opulent gatherings?  I’d love to hear about them – and you can even send pictures!

PS. For those who sew, the berry garment above is an elongated “Coatigan” version of Pamela’s Patterns #121.


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    Is there a coupon code for purchases from NCJW?

    • Nancy Nix Rice on November 18, 2021 at 2:03 pm

      I don’t believe so. Most e-commerce programs build a space for on into their check-our page automatically. I know the one I use on my site does. Hope you are asking because you found something great that you want to buy

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