Image Trainees Rescue My “Oops” Purchase.

I specifically aske those training participants to style this embellished military-ish jacket – one I never intended to purchase.  I loved the item when Cabi included it in their collection a few years ago, but didn’t get it because I don’t think of sage green as one of my colors (even though it is a cooler, more grayed green than typical olive and it pops the green in my eyes) and “rustic” is no part of my personal style statement. 

But then – during a major re-organizing and styling session for a long-time client (read more about that HERE and HERE) — there was that darned jacket, fabulous for her and tempting me all over again.  I loved the flattering high/low hem and the versatile indoor/outdoor weight.  And of course those edgy black/gray/silver sequined appliques:

I found one for sale  on Poshmark, and again I talked myself out of it.  But somehow I clicked a wrong button and next thing I knew it showed up in my mailbox.  Meant to be??

Of course I could toss it over jeans and a tee.  However for my coloring and my lifestyle, it needed to be brightened up and dressed up a bit. But how?

Once again, fresh eyes spotted options I’d overlooked.  That same silver mesh sweater ties in perfectly with the appliques.  (And once again its shine played havoc with my camera so you don’t fully see its brightness.) Dark gray jeans or dark leggings were an obvious bottom choice.  And suede pumps and tiny silver bag polished the look just a bit.  A chunkier shoe and bag would play it in a more obvious, casual direction.

One of the class members paired this gray/white peplum top with an animal print skirt — too much for my conservative tastes.  But with a charcoal ponte pencil skirt, it made the ideal combo for a dressier iteration of the jacket.

Can’t wait to wear these new options – that’s the very same thing clients say when we make new outfits together in their closets!  In fact the skirt look will be perfect tonight when we’re taking my step-son and fiance to a jazz bistro for his birthday celebration.

Is there a challenging piece in your own closet?  Send me a photo and maybe I’ll do a blog post with some ideas for you!!


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