I Love a Color That Doesn’t Love Me Back

Just got this question from a viewer of my Craftsy video class* on wardrobe development and thought it might apply to lots of folks.   “Nancy, I probably like colors that don’t look good on me, such as clear, intense reads and blues. Can I still look good in them if I keep them far from my face, such as in a skirt or pants?”

Of course from a viewpoint of personal taste you can always wear whatever pleases you. We seem to be naturally drawn to bright colors — or maybe we’re taught by retail because those colors are so eye-catching in a store, and therefor easy for them to sell to us.

But in terms of optimal flattery, those intense colors overpower the majority of women. Only those with very bright, cool, high-contrast coloring are really optimized by so-called “jewel brights”.  Bright-white/silver hair + dark eyes or  very dark hair + pale skin are examples of cool, high-contrast  coloring: Wearing them away from your face doesn’t make too-bright colors any more flattering.  It simply pulls all the attention to your bottom half – probably making you appear shorter and therefore wider.  Not what most of us prefer, right?

And if, as you suspect, those colors are not flattering for you, they also won’t blend terribly well with the colors that are – presumably the colors you would choose to wear nearer your face.

I have a similar situation personally. I just love the color bright yellow, but wearing it makes me look like I died yesterday. So I’ve learned to get my yellow fix in other ways – my garden, my home decor, table settings, gift wrap … even occasionally yellow undies (although the picture below is emphatically NOT me)!  What overly-bright color are you ready to re-purpose?

* That video is a wonderful overview of everything I teach.  I can’t create a link for you, but you’ll find it at Craftsy.com when you search the phrase “sew your best wardrobe”.  The content is just as applicable for those who buy their clothes, but the Craftsy site is all about D-I-Y so they don’t market it that way – duh!

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