How to Wear the Color of the Year – Peach Fuzz

Each year the Pantone Color Institute identifies a “color of the year” they believe exemplifies the sensibilities of the time.  I’m not sure about sensibilities, but this year’s pick – Peach Fuzz – is a wonderful addition to nearly every woman’s wardrobe. IF – that is – she knows how to use it to best effect.

Despite its name, this color is really a midpoint between pink and what we generally call “peach”.  It’s more a soft coral blush tone — that relates beautifully to the majority of human skin tones.   It is so universal because its pale value minimizes the impact of variations in its warmth/coolness.

It’s risky to use this soft blush color for a full dress, because it can easily create the impression of wearing nothing:

Instead consider it for an accessory or an under-layer or over-layer top, in an outfit with just about any neutral. It’s a great substitute for the typical bright-white shirt or tee, because it call less attention to itself and lets the focus go to the wearer’s face instead.

My favorite trick is to use Peach Fuzz as an accent color, building the client’s ideal level of contrast (the difference between her lightest and darkest personal color elements)  into the outfit and use a multi-color accessory to “link” the unexpected color combination.  Here are some examples for women with various color patterns, all featuring a Peach Fuzz-hued top from my own closet:

Amy’s coloring (above) is moderately cool and pretty high-contrast.  We paired Peach Fuzz with Navy Ponte and a tie-dye pattern scarf.  She could also look great in Chocolate Brown ponte and a houndstooth scarf.

Christine’s coloring is warmer and less contrasting, so we paired her Peach Fuzz with Caramel ponte and scarf wth caramel, deeper peach, cream and soft blue.

Kim’s coloring is overall very strong with small areas of contrast, so she looks glowing in Peach Fuzz paired to Dark Brown ponte and linked with a dotted scarf with a variety of blush and berry tones.

Silver-haired women can also look great in Peach Fuzz. We balanced her moderate contrast by mixing it with Pale Heather Gray ponte and a scarf with smears of blush and pale gray on a deep charcoal background.

If your hair is transitioning from brunette to silver, your base neutral is probably Taupe and your contrast level may softer than you may realize.  The softness of taupe and Peach Fuzz could be just right and this pictorial scarf might be an ideal color link to add visual interest.

Nancy’s base neutral – a sandy camel tone – is the one choice that I don’t care to pair with Peach Fuzz (although a more full-bodied version of that color family might work just fine).  But don’t you love it with her light-wash denim and this soft-contrast floral bandana?

I could also envision Peach Fuzz paired with dark green, sage green or deep berry tones.

How are YOU going to leverage the Peach Fuzz trend for flattering combinations in your own wardrobe?



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  1. Marlette L. on March 7, 2024 at 6:00 pm

    Great ideas. I like that new color since it goes with all my neutrals, grayed navy, taupe and blue grays.

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