infinity scarf, tying scarvesStyle Solution:  Try one of these easy techniques.

An Infinity Scarf is essentially a tube of fabric.  Begin by folding the tube in half widthwise, creating a double-layer of fabric half the original width. Then fold again, creating a tube that is narrower yet.

Drape the tube around your neck, hanging to the front (A).  Make a simple figure-8 twist in the hanging portion and bring it over your head to the back of your neck (B).  For a variation, lift the back section of one loop and drape it over your head as a hood (C).   Or bring the loop a third time around your neck for a shorter, fuller wrap  (D).


A                                                                 B                                                                    C                                                                   D

From the same starting position (A) twist the front loop 3-4 times (E) and loop the end over your head and behind your neck to create this look (F).

Or begin a new technique by folding the loop of fabric in half lengthwise and wrap it behind your neck, with about 1/3 of the length on one side and about 2/3 on the other (G).  Bring the longer end through the loop of the shorter end (H).

Or repeat the preceding two steps, then draw the longer end up toward your neck, make a second twist in the loop and feed the long end back through the newly-formed lower loop (I).


   E                                                   F                                                   G                                                   H                                                  I

Watch these techniques step-by-step in our Infinity Scarf video.

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