How to Tie an Up-sized Scarf

Our new collections of super-sized rayon scarves are the perfect accessory to update your Summer wardrobe.  You’ve asked for suggestions on fun ways to wear them, so here are some of my favorites  …

First – these new scarves come in two sizes.  The $32 ones are 22×72″.  The $42 ones are 44×72″.  They mostly work the same, so make your selections based on the designs you like and the color that work with your wardrobe.

You can start two different ways:

  1. Fold or scrunch the volume of the scarf to make a narrower lengthwise piece.  The fabric is so airy that all that fabric condenses a bunch.
  2. Hold one corner and lift the scarf, allowing the body of the fabric to drape on the bias (diagonal) grainline.  This creates additional length and causes the fabric to drape even more softly.

Among the easiest ways to wear any rectangular scarf is to fold it in half lengthwise, bringing the two ends together and forming a loop at the midpoint. Bring the loop end behind your neck and back to the front.  Draw the free ends thru the loop – PRESTO: Scarf tied!

In the photo below you can see the different effects you get depending on how you draped the scarf to begin the process.  On the left the scarf is scrunched straight across the fabric; on the right it was held by one corner and draped on the diagonal.  This example is the fuller 44″ wide version.

Another easy option is to start with the mid-point of the scarf’s length right under your chin.  Bring each end over the shoulder, behind your neck and back to the front over the opposite shoulder.  Now both ends are hanging to the front. Pull the center-point down a bit so it is comfortable, not tight, and bring the two loose ends through that  loop.

For more ideas, check these videos on my YouTube channel and try the same ideas with this new, larger size.

And if your scarf is the 44″ size, try fashioning it into a duster-style halter-back vest. What a great way to up-style a basic jeans ouftit! And it easily reverts back to its original flat shape whe you untie the knot.  Directions HERE.

With very basic sewing skills you can also transform a 72×44″ scarf into this kimono.  Directions HERE.

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