Flattering – REALLY! – Patchwork Jackets

Headed home from 2 days of in-person style workshop for a darling sewing/quilting/machine shop in Charleston and Savannah and totally inspired by their line of patterns for Figure Flattering Quiltwear.  If you’re a sewing enhtusiatn I think you’ll love what you’re about to see …

The jackets and vests in this pattern line are ranked acording to difficulty, and even the easy ones are show-stoppers. I bought this this pattrn and set of fabric coordinates in navy/teal/peri/pale sage for myself:

Store owner Becky Robinson is goign to offer an online class on this fun project; I’l let yu know dates as soon as I hear from her with specifics.  And her staff will help you make choices of the 11 coordinated fabrics in your best color range.

Here are a few more of their many styles:


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