At least if you have warmer coloring,  an item in golden caramel can be a fabulous topper for bottoms in black, navy, dark green, charcoal and chocolate … to name a few.  Chico’s has a variety of tops in a color they call – inticingly – Rum Caramel.

Here’s a sampling of the styles Chico’s is featuring; just go to and type “Rum Caramel” in the search bar to see them all.  

By the way,  I don’t have any affiliation with Chico’s; they just happen to be focused on a great color story at the moment.  For advice about savvy online shopping, check out this post before you begin.

You can wear it now as a fresh take with your darker bottoms, then lighten it up with cream-y white denim or pale golden-toned khakis, sandals and straw accessories when the weather warms up.

You can link the caramel/black or caramel/chocolate mixes with animal print accessories – which you undoubtedly already have since they have been featured so heavily this season.

If you prefer to sew your own coordinates, we carry both our Ponte Knit and our ST Jersey in Caramel (also Black and Navy)  as well as Chocolate and Dk Forest in Ponte).


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  1. Lucy Anderson on March 10, 2020 at 11:24 pm

    Most books about dressing for body shape refer to three basic body shapes but nobody (pun intended) addresses the “string bean”, the person who has no noticeable curves when viewed from the front. This has been my shape all my life from my adult max weight of 155 to my minimum of 100. How should I dress to be “balanced properly?”

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