Double Denim – On Trend Again!

After years of being reviled as a “Canadian Tuxedo” the idea of mixing denim pieces within an outfit is not only acceptable, but a leading trend for Spring ’24.  And it’s a look that you can easily create with pieces you already own.  Here are some guidelines to make it work …

What you DON’T want?  Looking like you tried to literally match your denim pieces. Instead look for pieces in slightly or obviously different VALUES – the light to dark color dimension – but in the same or closely related HUE.

Mix two gray-toned blues together.  Or mix two slightly teal-y blues together.  Or two clear blues … you get the idea.

If the two denim pieces are significantly different values, your best look probably has the lighter colored piece on the top.

A double-denim combo will look the most modern if the jeans are not too skinny or overly distressed.  A slim-straight cut or baby-boot style with only slight fading or “whiskering” is more 2024.

I’ve been enjoying the two combos above (center and right) from my own closet, both built on the dark-rinse, slim straight jeans from Measure & Made.  The left outfit uses a slightly lighter denim shirt in the same hue, while the right-hand one features a significantly lighter one.

You could choose any color for the under-layer top; I chose a very-pale blue cami for a monochromatic combo, accented with an ethnic-look, tassled scarf.  The combo actually got a thumbs-up from my 20-something son – not typically too interested in Mom’s wardrobe choice!

Measure & Made is a unique pants/jeans company that offers their garments in an amazing size range 0-28 and three body shapes, to fit hourglass, triangle (curvy) and rectangle/inverted triangle (straight) bodies. They are the best-fitting jeans I’ve ever encountered – both for my own body and for litrally hundreds of my clients.  If you struggle with jeans fit – check it out.


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