sanne-paint-chipsA Craftsy class member –  Sanne from Denmark – couldn’t find a color consultant in her country so she tackled it herself.  As a portrait photographer, she had a head-start over most women in color awareness plus the equipment to take pictures of herself draped in each color and print in her stash of fabrics.  (Sanne sews her clothing; if you don’t, you can do the same thing with garments from your closet.)

Two of her proof sheets are below.  Can you see how some of the fabrics over-dominate her face?  She looked for ones that made her skin look more even and brightened her eyes.


After seeing how much difference these colors made in her appearance, she headed to the paint store and returned with strips of all sorts of colors.


She sorted the paint chips into color families, the one-by-one held them up to her face.  Looking in the mirror, she sorted them into 3 piles – NO, YES, and MAYBE – eliminating those that made her skin tone look drab or pulled the attention away from her face.

A second round of comparisons easily sorted the MAYBE group into YES or NO.

Next she reviewed the color family groups. “If one of the colors in a group was standing out from the others, I tried it against my face again. I usually found that it  wasn’t one of my best colors after all,” she wrote.

Finally she glued the color chips onto cardboard and trimmed them into strips for a full Color Fan.  I asked her to email a picture of the results.  She asked for a critique in return.  I only saw one strip I didn’t agree with.  Can you spot which one doesn’t belong?


Yep – it’s the lime-y green.  When I questioned that choice, she replied, “I think I really wanted that one to work because I have a green T shirt that I love, so my emotional desire for the color got in the way of my artistic sensibility. – haha.”

She also shared, “I have shopped with my Color Fan for a few months now, and those new purchases seem to pep up my personal coloring. Many people at work have stopped me to say that they can see the difference.  It really is amazing!”

In one last stroke of insight, Sanne created a quickie chart of those same colors for her mother-in-law, who often shops for her as she travels **. (The photos below were taken before our discussion of the lime green.) If she ever tires of her “real job” I think Sanne could be the woman to bring color consulting to Scandanavia, don’t you?


** If you’ve done a color consult with me in the past 3-4 years, you can order a duplicate of your Color Fan for only $35 and you can email me for full details.

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  1. Tricia on November 6, 2016 at 5:43 am

    This is such a clever idea! Love the paint chip fan, especially!

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