Cotton Cardigans Anchor Spring/Summer Looks

Dusty pastel cotton cardigans are ideal over-layers for Spring/Summer casual wear.  Both of these combos are anchored by chocolate brown jeans from Chicos …

On the right, a brown and blush-pink top (past-season Cabi) with a cascade front ruffle is framed by a V-neck blush cardigan. Note: V-neck cardigans are much easier to wear gracefully than the traditional round-neck ones.  Removal foam shoulder shapers and sleeve bands keep the look polished rather than frumpy.

The left-hand cotton blend cardigan is a beautiful aqua blue that is flattering to just about everyone. The day I first wore it, literally a half-dozen told me I looked glowing.

This is one of the two pieces I bought from the current Cabi collection. I’d seen lots of these shorter, chunkier cardigans in the market, but this was the only one I spotted that didn’t have a full, bulky sleeve adding visual bulk to the wearer.  I rolled back the deep ribbed section at the wrist, creating a cuff rather than pushing up the sleeve.

The floral scarf links the aqua to brown jeans and a pale blush tank,  Rose gold jewelry is a perfect finishing touch for both of these looks.  Of course the cardigan could work equally well over gray or off-white bottoms.

As the weather warms, we’re again seeing cardigans like these tied over the shoulders.  Watch for a tutorial on that technique coming soon.


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