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Looking Good Together

Learn to get dressed effortlessly, with ongoing teaching and support to help you look and feel your best! We'll open the community to new members again later this year, and we'd love for you to join us.

Do you wake up each morning to a closet full of nothing to wear?

It’s daunting! You spend those precious minutes fighting with tangled hangers and why-did-I-buy-that garments.

The button-up that gapes open... the pants that bunch up around the bum... and that sweater that always makes you look a little seasick. No, no, no.

In the end, you settle on some outfit that’s workable enough. But it’s not the kind of clothing that makes you glow.

And you’re starting to wonder, at this age, if there even is such a thing.

Believe me — there is!

Your future can be full of outfits you love… outfits that highlight your best features… outfits that make you feel polished and comfortable in the spotlight.

But there is nothing in our culture that makes it easy to find them! That’s why the vast majority of women only wear about 15% of the clothes they own.

It’s a waste of our precious time, and it saps our confidence, too.

Let’s change that!

Looking Good Together was designed to help you…

Feel great in the first outfit you put on each morning. No more rejects pile on the floor of the closet!


Build countless outfits you love, all from a minimum number of garments.


Shop with complete confidence, knowing exactly what to look for and where to find it. (Plus, save money by avoiding the common mistakes that just clog up your closet.)


Find colors that work perfectly on you — and have a whole community of women keeping an eye out for new clothes in your best hues.


Walk out the door every day feeling confident about how you look. At any age. At any size. No matter your lifestyle. Without breaking the bank.


I created this online community, Looking Good Together, to teach women like you that style is not an inborn trait. It’s a set of principles that YOU can learn and adapt for yourself — and we’re doing this together.

Nancy Nix-Rice headshot

Meet Nancy Nix-Rice

My passion is helping women 40+ get dressed effortlessly, so they can put appearance worries on the back burner and go make a positive impact in the world! I’m a longtime image and wardrobe consultant, and author of the award-winning book LOOKING GOOD … Every Day.

Over and over, past clients reach out to me to say: 

“I never thought I could look pretty before.”  

“I got a big promotion, and I know my new look made a difference.”

“I got 17 compliments – SEVENTEEN – at the mall today. I felt like a million bucks.”

All of that has given me a deep appreciation for the power of looking good in a woman’s life. It’s not frivolous at all. It’s incredibly empowering! And it is my mission in life to share the concrete, factual how-to’s of the process with as many other women as possible.  

That’s why — at an age when most of my contemporaries are retiring to the oceanside — I’ve launched this online community to help women learn these same skills and support one another along the way.

Past Clients Say...

"Clothing has never been easy for me, and I had pretty much given up on looking good in what I wear. Nancy changed my attitude completely! Instead of trying to be someone I'm not, I learned to use clothing style, structure, shape and color to enhance my body and my image. I can put together an attractive outfit and still have plenty of time to enjoy a healthy breakfast before diving into my day."
— Rachel, New York

My Trusted Methodology: The Foundations of Looking Good

Every membership includes access to this intro course, so you can hit the ground running on your closet transformation. We break it all down into the simple, sweet essentials.

1. Color Connections

Find the key neutrals that form the basis of YOUR best color combos.

2. Silhouette & Body Type

Identify your lines and learn to bring balance to your proportions.

3. Personal Style

Flatter your personality and lifestyle with clothes that connect to you.

4. Refine Your Closet

Find the “gold” in your current closet and learn to dress better with less.

5. Your Capsule Wardrobe

Practice my signature approach to mix-and-match bliss.

6. Finishing Touches

Pick the right shoes and accessories to bring polish to every outfit.

These six modules unfold over three months, so you have time to practice and implement each key lesson. Re-watch on-demand throughout your membership!

Ready to begin your style transformation?

You might be thinking…

What if it won’t work for me — I was born without the style gene!

After serving decades of clients, I’ve seen that it is possible for any woman to feel chic and confident every day — no matter your age, your budget, your lifestyle or the size tag in your pants.

There is an art and science to looking good, and it is not your fault you never learned it! Even many so-called stylists don’t understand how to flatter women’s natural beauty.

After three decades as an image consultant, I created this community so I could share these lessons with even more women!

When you join the Looking Good Together community, you’ll get:

The Foundations of Looking Good 

My six-module series of video tutorials to fast-track your wardrobe reboot and support you in making your very most flattering choices. 


Monthly Masterclass

Fresh monthly workshops on topics voted by community members like you, plus a special monthly challenge to help you apply what you’ve learned.


Ask Nancy Anything

Live monthly Zoom calls that give you a chance to get your clothing dilemmas answered by me, and tap the wisdom of other women from our community.


Retail Reconnaissance

Regular updates about great finds in women’s retail — sign up to follow the specific colors that are most flattering for you.


Behind the Scenes

Sneak peeks into some of my clients’ color consultations, closet clean-outs, wardrobe additions and outfit development.


Our Incredible Community

Access to our private community of women in all stages of their wardrobe transformation, so you can ask questions, share tips and resources, and celebrate your wardrobe wins with other members.

This community is for women who are sick of wasting time and money (not to mention earth’s resources) on clothes that just don’t work.

We are here to create wardrobes that are organized, efficient, and suited perfectly to us. And we are cheering for each other along the way!

Looking Good Together Membership

$297 annually
  • 6-Module Course: Foundations of Looking Good
  • Live monthly masterclasses and Ask Nancy Anything sessions
  • Supportive community to cheer on your style transformation
  • And more!

Past Clients Say...

"My journey learning from Nancy has resulted in more self-acceptance and
authentic self-expression than I’ve ever experienced. I always thought my hair was "drab, dishwater blonde” so I *had* to color it. But Nancy used words like gentle, subtle, and talked about how everyone has a unique beauty and taught me how to embrace it!

I’m reaching more clarity with less pretending in other ways. And, slowly, more confidence in my business. It’s about so much more than clothes."
— Whitney Dickinson

You may be wondering...

Many stylists and personal shoppers are all about finding the cutest, trendiest clothes. My business isn’t about the clothes — it’s about YOU, and finding the choices that showcase your unique beauty, even if you don't know you have it.

I’m also a real geek about garment construction and alterations. For years I owned a fabric store and sewing school, which gives me a knowledge of fabrics, fit, garment quality and tailoring that is very rare in this industry. 

Lastly, many consultants want to keep their methods secret, so clients are tied to them for shopping season after season. I am a teacher at heart, and I love educating women like you on how to make optimal choices for yourselves.

Let's Look Good Together