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color consultation"I have moved ahead at great speed to improve my wardrobe since I took your class at the conference and had a color consultation with you. I’ve basically turned over my entire wardrobe, replacing nearly all the clothes that weren’t the most flattering colors or shapes.

I’ve gotten new shoes, handbags, tops, coats, jackets, skirts, pants, dresses, scarves, you name it!  I’ve been having a great time putting these new things together into outfits. Getting dressed in the morning has become a creative activity.

The best thing is all the comments about how great I look, how attractive my eyes are, how put together I am, how thin I am.  I feel great and obviously it shows. Thank you so much for giving me the inspiration and confidence to do this.

- Betsy Allen

"After attending your presentation, I had you do my colors.  Your recommendations were VERY different from 2 prior color sessions I’d done, so I scheduled an appointment to shop together and help me learn to implement them. The results have been just amazing.  I think of you over and over and how much you have helped to make me feel better about myself.

You said it would happen....and it has....people will tell me how great I look when I wear my colors!!!  Sometimes people I don't even know have commented!!  I was wearing a teal top the other day at Prairie Gardens and the lady who designs their florals complimented me and told me I should always wear it!

Now I can't even consider wearing some colors that I used to wear! You've made a difference in my life.  THANK YOU!!!"

- Joyce Wagner

color consultation

Joyce's 3 Color Fans - Too bright ... Much too bright ... and Just Right! 

color consultationWanted to show you some fabric a friend brought me from China for me.  It is a silk burnout with a dark brown background –one  that I would probably never have picked up myself because “I just Don't Wear Brown”.  Or at least I didn't.  When I opened the package and saw this piece, I knew that all the colors in it would match my personal color swatches.  Then when I draped it around my shoulders, it was just striking! I love how the lighter shades of tan pull out my hair color, the blues go with my eyes, etc.

Thank you again for the fun weekend in Rockford and for all you taught us!!  I haven't had time to do anything with my closet yet, but obviously I'm looking at colors with a new eye.  That includes what people are wearing at church; at least it's something new to think about besides how badly their pants are fitting.  😉

- Tina Colombo, professional dressmaker

I lost everything in a house fire on Jan. 3. Once the shock wore off and I started realizing what I’d lost, I mentioned to my friends how sad I was about losing my color swatches because I use them all the time. (And, since I have lost all my clothes, I’m going to purchase only those colors that suit me. It does save me from having to purge my closets, right?) My friend Dorothy arranged to treat me to a new consultation, which you can do from the enclosed photo.

We are living with our son and daughter-in-law while our house is being rebuilt. My wonderful daughter-in-law has been so kind and supportive through this, and when I got all excited about getting my colors again, she mentioned how she would love to have that done. So, as a gift to her, I will also include her photos.

 I’m sure you can tell from my sense of loss what a valuable tool the colors have been for me – one of the most important things I’ve learned in my 50+ years.  Another confidence builder by having the color fan—I am not at the mercy of store clerks or well-meaning friends when I’m buying clothes. Checking the garment with my personal fan allows me to judge for myself when the clerk or friends say “Oh, that looks wonderful”

- Sue Bogue

In my early 40s I realized I needed to get my clothing act together. A chemist by profession - but now a busy stay at home Mom to three - fashion had not been a high priority. I had always loved to sew and made the above outfit for Christmas. It was made in black, which looks good on everyone, right?  But, despite my excellent sewing, something was not quite right about it.

The following summer I took one of Nancy’s classes at a conference and was captivated. Here was someone talking about what looks good based on figure type and complexion/hair color. I visited her booth and thought about a consultation, but was frankly reluctant to spend the money.  I returned a second time, and had a long chat with Nancy’s wonderful daughter, who finally said to me “We spend a lot of money on things we never use and in the long run a color consultation will save you far more than it costs.”

I thought about it for another hour, then came back and snagged the next –to-last time slot.

Honestly, it is the BEST money I’ve ever spent on myself.  I can see now, having spent countless dollars at stores from Kohl’s to Nordstrom, that Nancy’s daughter was so right. That color consultation gave me the tool I needed to develop a plan for presenting myself attractively.

color consultationNow I’m focused when I shop. You might say I am downright picky! “No thank you, I do not want black shoes to wear with my outfit!”  I am aware of colors, patterns, lines, silhouette, and points of connection. I feel very put together and I certainly enjoy all the compliments I receive.


When I packed for that conference there was no cohesion to my outfits. This summer I took a 16 day vacation, limited to ONE small suitcase, and was able to dress appropriately whether I hiking, swimming, attending a Matisse exhibit or sightseeing (and freezing) in San Francisco.

Spend the money for a consultation – it is not a splurge – it is a valuable investment that will pay for itself again and again. You’ll buy fewer clothes and accessories. You’ll sew clothes that flatter you. You’ll be able to put together an outfit without agonizing. You’ll look and feel great!

- Marguerite Benko

color consultation

"From sports I’ve learned the hard way to invest in quality equipment.  An initial investment can save money in the long run. That’s how I thought about getting my “colors done.”  This wasn’t the Color Me Beautiful system of four seasons, but colors specific to just me, based on me.

Since then my color fan is my shopping companion. Sometimes I ignore its advice as the thrill of a sale feels like a win and pulls me in. A few sale items have been good players on my team, but others are “wonders”…

  • wonder if Mrs. Roper knows I have her floral top?
  • wonder what is going to match this wild print?
  • wonder what I was thinking?

I call my color fan my “Jiminy Cricket” – my conscience.  Sure makes shopping better when I ignore all the colors not in my color fan. Far better to invest in a player that works with the rest of the team and lets me be the star, not drawing all the attention to itself. I know I’m winning this game when I check in on my feelings.  I’m feeling energetic and spunky, a feeling I remember from being younger! Feeling good and looking good – which came first?"

– Amy Morusiewicz

5 year update – I got my swatches – updated for my new hair color – on Saturday. Which was perfect since I am in Denver on business travel (one carry-on bag for a 4 day trip!)   Last night stopped at Nordstroms for a bottle of my foundation (forgot to pack it) so at 8pm Mountain time I got a compliment on how I looked – I had left my house at 7am Eastern, flown across the country and worked all day in that outfit.  Wearing my colors and my shapes is fantastic! – Amy Morusiewicz

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  1. NWNicole on November 2, 2015 at 3:56 am

    I had the pleasure of meeting Nancy in person for a color consultation during one of her travels away from home. She was very pleasant and easy to work with, and obviously knows her work. She helped me to look at colors in a new light, and had some great advice. I can’t wait to get my color fan and go shopping!

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