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clothing care

Resolutions: Saved by a Sharpie

As I was checking the wearability of every item in my closet I noticed that several favorite shoes were scuffed in the toe area.  Not ready to kiss them good-bye, but not willing to wear them that way either, it dawned on me that a felt marker could be an instant repair tool.  The black…

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Stretched-Out Sweater Shoulders?

This luxurious, weighty, off-red cardigan and matching shell followed me home from my favorite ReSale Shop – if you’re a St Louis gal you know the one – but it had a problem.  The weight of the  knit caused the shoulder area to stretch completely out of shape from the hanger.  Fortunately there’s an easy…

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Closet “Hang-Ups”

The hangers you choose for your clothes can make a big impact on how well they retain their shape and good looks.  Which raises the question: What kind of hangers can do the same for MY shape and good looks, right?  But for today, we’ll focus on garments.

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Style Dilemma: How can I iron my nice clothes without damaging them?

Style Solution:  You’re right that a wrinkled, messy look isn’t very stylish.  To avoid it, choose the right pressing equipment and follow these simple, time-saving tips: The ideal iron produces a good volume of steam, has a sole plate that glides easily and feels comfortable – not too heavy – in your hand.  The Rowenta…

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