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Closet Organization

Week #2 – Closet Customization

How about some quick upgrades to the structure of your closet to better accommodate the wonderful new wardrobe you’re going to create?  It doesn’t have to be a full build-out (not that you aren’t entitled to that if it’s your choice).  But just a few simple, budget-friendly DIY tweaks can make a big improvement in the practicality…

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Week #2 – Quick Closet Challenge

My cutie-pie husband says (about our past dating lives, but it applies here I promise) “You figure out what you want by figuring out what you don’t want.” In wardrobe terms, we’ll be setting up a system of filters over the coming weeks, identifying your optimal clothing choices by ruling out things that aren’t so right.  Last week’s…

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Week #2 – Closet Curation

Even though we’ll do more weeding out in future lessons, this is the ideal time to define a system for keeping your clothes organized and accessible.  Here’s the process I use when I work with a private client: Step 1 – Get everything that isn’t clothing out of your closet.  No more luggage, gift wrap,…

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More Closet Consultation Insights

Many readers had comments and questions about the recent Closet Consultation post, so here are some of my favorite resources and organizing tips: 1. That RACK – the one we put all the client’s clothes on so we could “shop” from the items she already owned – is available from  It is heavy duty,…

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Lessons From a Closet Audit

My client – I’ll call her “Travelling Trainer” or TT for short – was complaining recently about her over-stuffed closets so we set a date for a closet audit to get the situation under control. And she agreed to let me document some of our process with photos to share with you. I brought along…

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