Accessories to the Rescue!

A viewer from my class shared this Before & After photo pair of a draped-front cardigan she sewed up just to test the fit of the pattern.   What she discovered applies just as much to a purchased cardigan as it does to the one she made.

” I just finished sewing a test jacket and tried it on for fitting” she wrote.  “I was disappointed in the look until I added Shoulder Shapers and Sleeve Bands from your website.”


What a dramatic change!  In the first pic your eyes go directly to the bottom point of the draped lapel, don’t they – smack dab in the middle of her tummy?  But in the second one they go directly up to her face!

Instead of a throw-away test garment, she has a fun new wardrobe addition to her casual wardrobe.  Can I just say – LOOKING GOOD!  (Pun utterly intended).  What wardrobe dud could you revive with a little shoulder enhancement?  I’d love to see your photos too.



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  1. Amanda on January 24, 2017 at 1:35 pm

    not sure about this–she is taller in the 2nd photo–even at the waistband. Look carefully: her foot is the same distance from bottom edge (compare waistband heights). Even the camera is narrower in the 2nd photo. Someone may have accidentally dragged the image corner while cropping and made her just a bit thinner/taller so that is is hard to see the true differences. The raised shoulders and sleeves probably do make a difference, but the photo change/differences make it difficult to tell which is making more of a difference.

    • Nancy Nix Rice on January 24, 2017 at 4:01 pm

      This is the photo pair exactly as the client posted it to the Craftsy comments section. I believe the difference you describe is because in these informal shots she is standing a bit farther from the mirror in one than in the other. However the relevant change is in the way the cardigan hangs on her body, which isn’t affected by the distance.

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