Style Dilemma: How can I get more mileage from the clothes I buy?

Style Solution:  Plan your wardrobe in Capsule Groupings like these:


Mix-and-match groupings called “capsules” are the smart way to dress well on a budget. When each item in your wardrobe works at least 3 ways with other pieces, the results can be MAGIC.

Check out these guidelines to get you get started.  Then scroll down to see some examples from the closets of real-life clients.

  • Consider picking a multi-color print garment to establish the color scheme.
  • Choose mostly solid-color pieces in relatively basic styles.
  • Choose fabrics that can span the seasons and be dressed up or dressed down.
  • Start with three bottom garments in a mix of styles and colors. They don’t need to coordinate with one another.
  • Add tops that can (ideally) go with all three bottoms. The tops don’t need to coordinate with one another either — just with the bottoms.
  • Finish the grouping with a “jacket” or two – whatever styling makes sense for your lifestyle.  Each one should coordinate with most of the other pieces, both tops and bottoms.
  • Include linking accessories to make any unexpected color combinations more understandable.

Calculate the total cost of the grouping and divide by the number of combinations you can make to find the cost per outfit.  Now don’t you feel smart?

Spicy Colors for Casual.  Nine garments = 26 outfits at $25 per look …



Bright looks for Summer Fun. Ten pieces = 42 outfits at $17 per look …


CAbi goes Corporate.  Ten pieces = 42 outfits at under $20 per look …


From Casual to Cocktail.  Ten pieces = 29 outfits at $22.34 each…



Find extensive details about mix-and-match wardrobe development in LOOKING GOOD … Every Day. And if you need help making it happen in your own closet, give us a call.  We love helping make women’s wardrobes work better.

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