I sewed this teal top (Pamela’s Patterns #119) because I loved the asymmetrical neckline design and thought it was a great way to showcase an interesting piece of jewelry.  Maybe you have a similar tunic silhouette in your own closet – custom made or ready-to-wear. Cabi  (a RTW line often featured in my posts) offers similar styles nearly every season.  It is comfy as can be, but felt a little too unstructured for my curvy shape.  Hair scrunchie to the rescue! 

Working from the wrong side of the garment, I pulled a handful of the fabric (about waistline level) through a doubled-over  ponytail holder (a plain rubber band could work too) to add some drape to the design, pull it in a bit closer to my body curves and break up that horizontal hemline.  Isn’t that a lot more flattering look?  And I love how the new lower edge shape echoes the neckline detail too.

Grab a rubber band, try this with any slightly oversized tops in your closet, and let us hear how it worked for you.

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