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Body Types & Flattering Styles

Tips for Tapering

Despite what you may have heard on TV makeover shows, tapering is an almost sure-fire way to make you figure look more sleek and trim.  This optical illusion will help you understand exactly why …

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Wk #18 – Dressing 2″ Taller & 10 Pounds Thinner

If your “get ready for summer” diet hasn’t quite gotten you to your ideal weight yet – take heart.  This week’s lesson will show you simple dressing tricks to make you look at least 10 pounds thinner … instantly. Most of these tricks apply to all the body types, so whether you’re an hourglass, triangle, rectangle,…

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Wk #16 – Figure Out Your Figure Type

Identifying the basic shape of your body is the starting point for figure-flattering wardrobe choices.  And that isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds.  Start by clearing you mind of whatever you already believe about your shape.  Many many women in my workshops feel certain they are one figure type and then learn that they are another…

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